Launching DECember 2018

CACOPHONY believes that the future of contemporary writing demands a unique voice. Literature should be challenging, invigorating, thought-provoking and vital. Works that resonate long after the actual words have been forgotten are the keystones that underpin our vision.

CACOPHONY is not interested in the next ‘Insert Famous Writer’s Name Here’. It wants fresh meat, not stylistic regurgitations. It is searching for new horizons, different thinking, alternative visions. If the writing is original and able to leave the reader with a profound sense of something, then we want to see it.

CACOPHONY will be genre-agnostic. That said, if works are too true to a genre, they’ll undoubtedly be restricted by what has gone before.

CACOPHONY will be published quarterly in both .mobi and .epub formats and will be available via most ebook platforms.

CACOPHONY will launch in December 2018